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松本和之 - Solid Beat(通常盤)

Label: Avex Entertainment
Catalog#: AVCD-32086
Format: Mini-Album
Country: Japan
Released: 15 Aug 2007
Genre: Rock

01.Greed or Purity
Keep the silence
Now turn the lights down for me
Listen to my words of fear

I have paid for
All my abusive sins now
Why do I still run?
Where do I go?

Nothing else to do
But to live a life full of lies
Might be hell or bloody fun

One thing left to do
If I'm strong enough to keep up
Greed or purity?
The time of truth has come
Now say your prayers

I'm not afraid of
How GOD will judge me later
Listen to my words of fear

Lavish cars and
Curvy girls are great but
Solitude remains
It doesn't change
02.Now or Never
You lose control again
And I'm kneeling down to save your day
Your ego used to hurt
Now I know the way to dodge myself

My mind is far away
Beyond this choking walls
May be I'm not the man that I used to be

I had enough, my friend
I'm on my way to freedom
May be I'm not the man that you used to see

Now or never
Time to turn over, woo woo

Now or never
This endeavor
Time to take over, woo woo

I'll be the one to fly
And you'll be the one to crawl

You say I'm too naive
The wind outside is cruel and cold
You say I will regret
If I will ever close this door

I know I've got to pay
Again I have my reasons
May be I'm strong enough now to face my fate

I'm standing on my feet
It is kind of treason
May be I'm fool enough now to break the rules
03.The Shadow
I live in a place for people who hate the sun
I'm giving my love for people who hate society

You're slowly descending into
You're slowly decaying into
You're slowly degrading into dirty mud

I need to inhale your smell and
I need to caress your skin and
I need to disgrace your blood to live my life

I'm a beast
A dreamer
That's what I am

I'm a freak
A killer
That's a what I am

I'm a shame
That's what I am

Call my name
The Shadow
The Shadow
The Shadow

You're slowly escaping into
You're slowly collapsing into
You're slowly dissolving into your own blood

I need to enchain your arms and
I need to observe your acts and
I need to be sure you're buried underneath

I'm possessed
I'm falling
That's what I am
Since I was a kid I knew there's something vicious in the air
Too many malicious eyes
All dangerously watching others

Look down to the street and you see hopeless faces roam around
Too poor to escape the mud
Too hungry to rise up for bread

I dream about the heaven
To keep my mind alive
One day I'll be there

Faster than the speed of light
I am heading to my peace
And I'm riding through the desert
There's no time to rest or breathe

No more darkness, no more pain
I am breaking out of hell
Just until I know where I belong

I said to my friends that I was going to evade the law
They said it's a risky game
I'm better off to believe and pray

There's nothing to save my soul
I'm leaving now, farewell my home
It's time to accelerate
I want my luck to decide my fate

I thought about the heaven
And I won't wait for more
I am going there
Can you see the fields of flowers withering?
And smell the powder of the guns?
And feel the rage and anger evolve into a storm

Tell me, can you hear the song of death and fear?
And touch the wounds beneath the skin
And shed a tear for those who have lost the ones they love

I want everybody to smile
I want everybody to laugh and keep the hope
It seems to be so impossible

Can you see the foolish power games they play?
And pay for what they have destroyed
And watch the people dying without a name in vain?

Tell me, can you see the meaning of your life
And see the meaning of my life?
We need to change the world
Doesn't matter what it takes

I want everybody to dance
I want everybody to sing along with me
It seems so hard but I won't give up

Wherever we may go at the end
We won't be crying, no we won't
Believe in me, I know it's true
And I know you know it too

Whatever we may see at the end
We won't be hiding, no we won't
We're all the same
We're not alone

I'm not alone 'cause I have you
I'm not alone 'cause I have you
Wherever you may go I'll be with you

I want everybody to rise
I want everybody to fight for what they love
We're all the same
We're not alone

I want everybody to dream
I want everybody to share the joy of life
So take my hand, let's walk

I want everybody to know
I want everybody to look at what we have
It's beautiful and frail
06.Out of my control
One day so sweet one day like ice
They want the danger in my eyes
I tell a lie or two
And they melt away

I never love I never care
That's how I lived until today
You walked into my room
I can't change my way

If you were a girl just
Like the other ones
I would tell you
I would show you
Who I am

Stay out of here
It's not your sphere
You can't return if
You don't go now
I'll tell you one more time,
Get out of my control

I like to hurt I like the dirt
It's my disease, I won't deny
I spend a night or two
And I will be gone

I say hello I say goodbye
And there is nothing in between
So don't believe in me
I don't wanna hurt you

Stay out of here
It's not your sphere
You won't regret it
Keep on running
Before I start the game of evil

If I were a man just
Like the other ones
Would you take me
Would you love me
Like you do?

松本和之 - Solid Beat(完全限定生産)

Label: Avex Entertainment
Catalog#: AVCD-32085[w/DVD]
Format: Mini-Album Limited Edition
Country: Japan
Released: 15 Aug 2007
Genre: Rock

01.Greed or Purity
02.Now or Never
03.The Shadow
06.Out of my control

01.Greed or Purity【music clip】

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