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Released:10 Sep 2014

3, 2, 1, We're counting down let's turn it up the future is here
You see those colorful connections for the colorless with no ideas
I hear the GOCHA GOCHA... what the hell the noise is buzzing in my head
Messed up with EMOJI sayin' Eh-oh-oh, eh-oh

Ring ting zing now your virtual life is callin' you
Those selfy's don't show us who you really are
Got likes likes likes... yeah but how many people lovin' you?
All the noise sounds MUNASHI I DAKE

Is this real?
Groove on this the moment is now what you feel is real

The clones are out tonight and they are seriously dressed to kill
Hey look the robot's gonna buy you drinks while testing out his sex appeal

You've got your strength in your hands everything is up to you
And now It's time to hook it up on the floor
Clap clap clap see that even the plastic hearts are pumpin'

This is real
Groove on this the moment is now what you feel is real

Let the music take you higher
Move on til' you're filled
Scream out to the future louder
Free to say what's real
02.Set It On Fire
You've got a fuse, I've got a lighter
Picture the sky the flame goin' higher
Raise up your hands, fuel the desire
Yes, it's the time to set it on fire

We are one song
Ringing for centuries long
We are one heart
Our souls are beating strong

And you know
We won't fade away
Burning through the darkest day
Blow the clouds away
And set it on fire
We won't bend or break
Never make the same mistakes
Yeah we here to stay
Set it on fire

They've got a gun but we've got an army
Back to the future where it's starting
Raise up our hands, oceans are divided

The moment is now, you are all invited
03.Day 1

The END prediction




Human frailty

(justified) Exploitation

State destruction

Recession chaos

Freak of nature

Unknown epidemic

Zero-sum future


Corrupt pollution

Molten cycle

Back to basics


Here we go, blow the night away
the sun shouts out, clouds dance, sign of daybreak.

A new hope, it's another day.
To know wat the future will bring jus paint it white.

Make it all, it's the only way
Before the earth gets hit by light
Tomorrow dont go away, action day 1.
04.Cry Like This
In the blazing daylight
The sun burning down on me
Feeling like we're slaves
Again again again

We see the daily struggle
To fight for equality
The same scene for acres
Again and again and again

No time to pretend
For women and the men
Here's where the story ends...

Although this World's full of sorrow
We're smiling through the pain
We won't let it let it get us down
We just brush it off and start again

So cry like this

The devil hangs around
Where he's not wanted
He's only what you made
Again Again Again

No matter what life throws
Pleasure to misery
Turn the night to day
Again again again
Hello the fuckin' world.

Kamitsukuze I'll bite u yo so mishitena yo
Who the fuck saying that ore no kiba wa mou mue dato ?
Mamorubeki mono no tame nara, I can B back at ZERO
Nando demo Like a wolf haiagatteyaru sa

I'm stravin', still starvin'.
I'm the Wolf survivin' with Love.

Mite miru yo Look around u nanka kisu ka ne ka ?
Bakashoujiki ni ikiru yatsu ga baka mitenda
Tashoyuki no puraido nante NO meaning what so ever
Nanmon Throw that away dobu ni sutechimaeba ii
Kikoeru ka ? I'm screamin out from Tokyo
Kizudarake de Peace and love utatteruze, ROCK ON !
Ai mo yoku mo jyou mo konosai nanmonkanmo zenbu
Yeah, Imma gonna Break'em all butta kitteyaru sa

This is The way a Wolf survives with Love.
Hello the fuckin' world.

噛みつくぜ I'll bite u よそ見してんなよ
Who the fuck saying that 俺の牙がもう無ぇだと?
守るべき物の為なら I can B back at ZERO
何度でも Like a wolf 這い上がってやるさ

I'm stravin', still starvin'.
I'm the Wolf survivin' with Love.

見てみろよ Look around u なんか気付かねーか?
他所行きのプライドなんて NO meaning what so ever
んなもん Throw that away ドブに捨てちまえばいい
聞こえるか? I'm screamin' out from 東京
傷だらけで Peace and Love 唄ってるぜ ROCK ON
愛も欲も情もこの際 なんもかんも全部
Yeah, Imma gonna Break'em all ブった斬ってやるさ

This is The way a Wolf survives with Love.
Imagine nothing in the morning light
If the World ended we had one last night

So every man has danced through history
Around the fires from the clubs to seas
And in our life we have an instinct for us
To move to move to move

If you come with me don't fall behind
With the horizon in sight
Just imagine let go of your mind
Like we're on the edge of light
We'll be going like

Yeah oh “O-do-re” oh oh oh oh
We want it all
Before it ends tonight.

So tell me what this life is all about
Cuz we've been close but time is running out

Imagine dancing on horizon's floor
We do what's natural to us once more
The World might end tomorrow but one thing
I know I know I know
track 03-07 - Live record -Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, London-

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